Turn data into insights and insights into profits.

SmartBanker is a self-learning "action trigger" platform.

The more SmartBanker learns, the more powerful it becomes in delivering effective actions to your customers and profits for your financial institution.

  1. Bank sends customer data
  2. Data is analyzed through the SmartPlatform insight factory
  3. Customer actions are triggered and sent to execution channels
  4. Insight Models automatically “self-learn” based on results
  5. SmartBanker listens for channel responses and records them on the database

Uncovering insights, unlocking profits.

  • SmartBanker automatically analyzes customer data into actionable insights
  • Insights trigger customer relationship actions like emails, calls and direct mail
  • Our team oversees the entire process based on your needs, including channel integration and management
  • Performance is measured against business objectives and actions are optimized with self-learning AI

Let SmartBanker work for you.

Discover how SmartBanker can transform your customer data into profits.