Meet SmartBanker, the service that turns data into dollars.

The SmartBanker difference

SmartBanker activates your bank’s customer data into profitable actions—all on your terms.

Increases profitability by average of $1M per 100K customers

Saves years of expensive development

Fully managed or scalable to fit your needs

Self-learning AI constantly discovers new profitable actions

Minimal impact on current operations per 100K customers

Insights, actions & profits. All in one service.

As the first full-service solution of it’s kind, SmartBanker uses data-driven insights to automate actions and increase customer  profitability for financial institutions of all sizes.

Real insights. Real results.



Increased customer profitability for midsized financial institution 



Increased close rates for a multi-billion direct insurance company



Annually increased profitability for a large US bank  



Increased campaign close rates for mid-sized west coast financial institution



Accelerated core-member growth of state chartered financial institution

SmartBanker is the brainchild of RedPort International. We are experts in creating data-driven, customer-centric financial services institutions.